Reviewing Tiger Inc.

What Does Tiger Inc Do?

If you are wondering, What does Tiger Inc do? Read on…Tiger Inc is a sales and marketing force for hire. Plain and simple. Other companies hire this company to perform professional sales calls and customer retention efforts in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area. After Tiger Inc reviews a company’s foothold in the marketplace, they set a goal and so-far, they have adhered to their expectations. They also perform all of their hiring and training themselves, saving the contracted companies the expense of hiring a sales force for themselves. Not a bad deal, right? Tiger Inc reviews several opportunities throughout the course of the year in conjunction with their national expansion efforts.

What’s the Payoff for Tiger Inc?

Employees at Tiger Inc are given an opportunity to rise through the ranks and run their own sales and marketing campaign either in the Charlotte area, or in an additional market in the U.S. Their client has several untapped markets (untapped to in-person representation) and is looking at a few different sales and marketing companies to run those markets, and after review, it looks like Tiger Inc is their number one choice. So, as employees perform quality sales, demonstrate excellent customer retention, and learn how to manage people, they are given the opportunity for a corporate equity program involving profit sharing and executive decision-making privileges.

Where Does Tiger Inc Wish to Expand?

There are open markets in a ton of different states that are ripe for the picking. These markets include, but may not be limited to: San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Miami, FL, Oakland, CA, Memphis, TN, Columbia, SC, New Orleans, LA, Oklahoma City, OK, Tucson, AZ, and New York City, NY. The company is hopeful to expand into as many different markets as possible, but it will ultimately depend on how quickly they can promote more managers from their Charlotte, NC headquarters. Every quarter, Tiger Inc reviews possible expansion opportunities. Although these markets may change, they are up-to-date, as of 10/01/2013.

What’s the Payoff for the Client?

Tiger Inc is a pay-for-performance company…meaning, if they don’t produce results – they don’t require payment. This seems to be a very enticing sales point for companies…especially in today’s economy. The company prides itself on professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to quality. They have a pristine record with no prior complaints from their previous or existing clients. Tiger Inc reviews feedback and opinions often to improve their efficiency.

The Final Tiger Inc Review

The company seems to be doing well and looks like it is growing. Just how quickly they can get into those additional markets, I’m not sure. One thing is for sure though, their employees are excited about the opportunity! The management at Tiger Inc reviews employees’ candidacy for promotion based on merit, not seniority.